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We can work with you from the ground-up (soil) and create with you by allocatingour ressources, pool of talents to create concepts with you.

alongside your creative team, creativity, etc...


We can also translate & develop your original ideas into mediums that purposefully/shape your project research, write story, develop/create a visual vocabulary, your brand's venacular landscape/material and give it a sense of secularity, find a common threadfor many different wools, within/inside the modern days visual landscape.


If your script already is tight with strong ideas we can provide purposefully "content"

we make your vision realn enrich it with tangible and relatable materials that speak to the personnal vernacular of many.

while still envisionning/expressing your personnal esoterica still speaking/relatable to the multitude, universal.

PANQ draws its inspirations from the multi-cultural heritage, individual & collective experiences of its founders, pool of talents & collaborators.

It is deeply rooted in the belief that only a hands-on approach can translate the sensibility, emotions & authenticity of a project.

Priscilla Noël is a creative & movement director, choreographer, stage director & artist manager.

Through her personnal work she interweaves body language with other art forms together into seamless conversational fabrics from wich the manufacture thread is hardly discernible.

She also oversees/coordinates an eclectical artists network for evenemential productions, shows, cultural & social projects.

Simon Phung is a photographer & illustrator.

Leaning towards imagism and a documentary style in his personnal work. His  work for clients tends to blur the line within art & design, representationalism & showcasing.

©MMXXII houseofpanq

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